Thursday, April 5, 2007

03/13/07 Observations

03/13/07 PSS Observations

Organizing a race requires many people. Jane Thompson, Coleman Ross, Dennis Ciccarillo, Brent Soderburg, Mike Stimpson and Randall reed deserve many thanks. I won’t forget.

The race venue permit is dependant on Plainville Town Manager. The Town Manager is very sensitive to any impact on commercial activities within the park. Some cyclists observe the race from the middle of street at turn no. 1. The progress of exiting commercial vehicles is impeded by these cyclists. One complaint from one of the businesses can shut down the series. Please stay off the road

“Energy Gel” Wrappers
The races are about one hour long. The human digestive system is not that fast. Nonetheless, racers consume many “energy gel” products. I’m disappointed by how many litter the course. Don’t litter! Please pocket your own wrappers.

Parking is not convenient. The Hartford Courant building owner (D. Margison) does not allow use of his property. The property includes the parking lot AND the driveway to it. Please park at MRS Systems, Valley Water, EBM/Papst, or Trumpt (re: race flyer and

Eric Merrill, the winner and series points leader, was surprised by the slow speed and lack of attacking that played to his sprinting strength. I’m convinced that many riders and teams in the 11:00 race would have more fun and be much more competitive in the 8:00 race. There certainly is a lack of committed attacks. Everyone waits for the final sprint.

EBCC raced as a team. Elmer Demers surprised and out sprinted Ralph “Sandbagger” Pulver while Jeff Baugher surprised everyone. Jeff arrived at 8:55, barely made the starting line, and sprints to 3rd in his first race of the year. Nice work!

It’s always fun to watch the Cyclonauts race and they kept one member in every break. Randy Kirk and Bill Thompson attacked off the Prime. Doug McKeon was able to join them in a 20 minute break while Mike Norton and other Cyclonauts sat on the field. Randy almost brought the bell lap to a complete stop to get the others to lead before gaining an advantage at a turn and sprinting to join and lap the field. Very impressive!

The number of youth racers continues to impress everyone. A ½ neutral lap and 1-1/2 lap race seems to fit the kids just right.

Chris Strempel and Tim Ratta of the Cogswild Racing Club scored 18 points to take the Team Series lead from DEVO-NSO/GIANT and their team of one, Greg Carpenter. Nice work! Stuart Jensen raced at the front and finished 5th in his first race of the year. The finish was the closest of the season. Spectator video helped resolve the 4th and 6th places.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Cycling (“ABCBSC”), Capital Velo Club, and the Cyclonaut Racers brought sizeable teams. ABCBSC brought the longest name and the most amazing results to the 03/31/07 race. Good on ya!!

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