Sunday, March 11, 2007

PSS 03/10/07 Observations

PSS Week 1 Observations

Hey Y’all,

General Notes:
1) Parking
a) Parking is only permitted at the locations identified on the race flyer. Attendees may not park at the Hartford Courant lot, nor at the 10 Corporate Park lot (used in 2006).

2) Thank You Note
a) The Farmington Valley Corporate Park (“FVCP”) race venue is permitted by the Town of Plainville. Not all businesses within the FVCP are in favor of the race series.
b) The Plainville Town Manager permits our use of the town road and right-of-way.
c) By sending a brief “Thank You Note” to the Town of Plainville, Municipal Center, 1 Central Square, Plainville, CT 06062, Robert Lee, Town Manager,, you help ensure that this venue is available in the furure.

3) Lapped Riders
a) The PSS is for spring training and permits lapped riders to remain in the race (USAC para 3D3b).

4) Club/Team ID
a) Your Club and Team are shown on your license.
b) In order to a racing member of a club it must be listed on your license (USAC para 1A17).
c) You wear the jersey/kit of the club/team you are licensed with (para 1L4).

5) Event Waiver Forms
a) I require one event waiver form to be completed for each race that a rider participates in.

6) Junior Roll-Out
a) Junior riders MUST report to the officials IMMEDIATELY after the race in order to have junior gear restrictions tested by the “roll out” method.

Cat 4/5 <40,>39, 9:00am
EBCC demonstrated exceptional teamwork with Gerry on break, Ralph sitting on the field, and Pat doing it all (break, prime lead-out, finishing sprint). It was a great team performance!

Cat 3/4 >39, 10:00am
Small field …almost postponed to 11 … Bill Thompson clearly the strongest rider.

Cat 4/5 Open, 11:00am
Greg Carpenter drove a three man break for most of the race. The break ultimately got caught. Greg won the sprint finish, threw his hands up in victory, then bumped and crashed with the 2nd place rider. A lesson learned!

Cat 3/4 Open, 12:00pm
Anthem vs Clinton. John Durham won the prime and the finish with fantastic power. He also initiated a break that lapped the field. Stan Luzon ran out of gas 100m from the finish.

Go Fast ... JIM

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